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By Thomas An.
ivox3 wrote:Impressive Thomas , ...but why didn't you decide to do the seemingly impossible milk render ? :)
Tom already made a preset for that ... and it made a "splash" ;)

The great thing about the new SSS is its range. Anything from clear crystal to opaque plastic is game (which makes perfect sense).

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By ivox3
I'll give that render a --- wow !

SSS has come a long way ... Very nice Thomas.
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By iker
Wow! :shock: That's incredible Thomas!

and the orange juice is extremely realistic!
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By lsega77
I'm pretty convinced that this is probably the strongest SSS model I've seen in any rendering engine. Very nice 1.7 images BTW. Quite inspiring.

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By Thomas An.
These images may not be too great in terms of gallery worthiness, but they are interesting (at least to me) in a geeky sense :-)

Laser beam in low light lab conditions:
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By glebe digital
So impressive...... :shock: 8)
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By ivox3
What kind of emitter simulates laser light ?
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By Thomas An.
Try correlated color at 500k
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By ivox3
Gotcha ... and a very good looking test.
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By tom
Thomas, these are just as it ment to be!
Thanks for these technically artistic renders.
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By jurX
Nice Thomas!
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By -Adrian
Jesus that's insane. Kudos to NL for making proper Maxwell SSS reality, and kudos to you for exploiting the many aspects of the engine so wonderfully.
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By juan
Thomas this is amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing your talent with us!

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By KurtS
Thomas has really got some great equipment in his Lab! Amazing!
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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