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By Thomas An.
Bubbaloo, Hugo, lebbeus, Max, Jeremy, simmsimaging, Herve, Tom, Macray,

Thank you for your comments ! ... maybe the next image will give more clues ? any clearer now ?

@Hugo: Thanks for speaking your mind ! ... good feedback/crits and well taken :)

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By tom
Killer black plastic on the joystick! :shock:
Yes, I guess this is a magnetic flying device :lol:
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By lebbeus
Fernando Tella wrote:A remote controlled terrain explorer! Cool. So it moves rotating the two spirals, right?
that's what I was thinking…
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By iker
I was missing your renders Thomas ...great ones as always!
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By Thomas An.
Iker, Fernando, Lebbeus, Tom, Bubbaloo, ... Thanks once again for your comments !

@Iker: How are things with you ? ... its been a while :) Thanks for stopping by.
Fernando Tella wrote:So it moves rotating the two spirals, right?
Bingo ! You got it pretty good :)
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By NicoR44
Hi Thomas, looking great!! as usual :D
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By Thomas An.
NicoR44 wrote:Hi Thomas, looking great!! as usual :D
Thank you Curt ! :D
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By Thomas An.
Busted ! ... playing with Jotero's model :)
This must be one of his most rendered models around.

EDIT: Image removed ... it was horrible !
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By Thomas An.
sandykoufax wrote:What kind of material did you intend to this?
I have no clue :lol: ... well, initially I was aiming for glazed frosted glass, but at some point I stopped caring ...
By sandykoufax
Thank you for the answer, Thomas.

At first, I thought that it's a metalic, but gazed again, it looks like a glass.

A mystery material.

Anyway, render is beautiful. :)
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By hyltom
Beautifull, Thomas!

This material remind me Terminator 2 and the mercury material...Yours is much more transparent but give me this feeling.
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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