Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By MarkM
Job well done.. you always hit it!
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By ivox3

Note the ThomasAn. style of analysis. A paltry imitation I admit. :lol:
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By Thomas An.
Good eye! They are pencil marks. I didn't notice them while making the texture, but left them in anyway Image

Mark: Thanks for the comment mate !
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By RobMitchell
Amazing renders! Looking back, a lot of these renders are actually what made me interested in Maxwell in the first place. Great work.
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By vjauregui
DITTO ON everyone's comments,

One question, what kind of glass did you use on your Glass and Liquid render? Thanks :oops:
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By Thomas An.
This is an alternate shape (to the SIM-ball) that was being considered back in the day.
Just thought to put it here for the heck of it.

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