Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
zdeno wrote:still awesome ;) couldn't see difference 1.7 vs 3.x
What is your feelings about it?
difference to me right now is the cut down of rendertimes and the new c4d plugin options.
for example the implementation ob region render is a little cool update to my workflow.

tested mw hair/grass and particles not that long until now but will invest some time in this week. an mybe add it to a little sceen.

what I don't like is that there's an option missing for the recognition of lightsources for multilight rendering. I would like to add the option by "object name".
I used to name the lightsources so I can tweak seperatly even if they have the same lightmaterial f.e. warm 65, only to realise that right now the same light strength or light colours get recognized as one light and can only be tweaked as one.

but that's about it right now. have to do some projects now to fully get to know all new stuff.

update page 1

hi guys.

started out as just a little modeling excercise but after putting some more time into it I thought I should do a render, too :)
model is not 100% complete yet but turned out nice I think.

hope u like it , cheers
arch3d wrote:Very nice!!
Did you use HDRI Light Studio to setup light for product rendeing?

no hdri map but hdri approach. I positioned 3 lightsources as u would do in real life. one bigger on top, middle one on the right, small one on the left.

that's what studio hdri do but this way I can adjust the light power of each emitter myself.

arch3d wrote:Classical 3-point ligtning. As i said stunning result. Thx for info :)
correct. there's a good reason for that simple but effective setup :)

hi guys.

just wanted to keep you updated with 2 new pics ...

a small scene showing a working space and a updated pic of "beats by dre" done with a slight different setup and simulens for diffraction and scattering while testing a brushed metal material I did yesterday.

hope u like it. cheers
tom wrote:Striking realism! Tonemapping is great except you could avoid heavy abbe shifting.

could you explain the "abbe shifting"? you mean in the material layers?
I think it was some sort of Glow done on post (I would say it looks like Sapphire glow from AE) agree to much … but the images still looks stunning!

This abbe shift and glowing in the hot spots are very trendy these days :) (I guess clients think it gives richness to the product) what I found a good rule of thumb is to use threshold with the glow (and abbe effect) for example setting threshold to say 0.9* would give you that "air flare" only where it should be on super hot spots.

* - where 0 is no threshold and glow is on top of every bright area and 1 is 100% of threshold so no visible effect .. in that case 0.9 should work pretty good.

Awesome images by the way .. especially the table with the chairs in white studio .. great work.

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