Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
By contact7
All of your render are perfectly detailed!!! I'm jealous.
thanks guys :)

update kitchen visu - some multilight doodling and postwork ... hope u like it
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By Xlars
Beautiful work !!! :shock:
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By jonathan löwe
nice kitchen, nice pictures, i like them a lot, not much to critizise!! :) especially the green colour is very yummy!

jona :D
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By ivox3
Kitchen pics, ....catalogue quality !

BTw: ....very nice gallery setup. ;)
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By Hys
nice gallery, I like the kitchen~
update page1

hi guys ... long time no update here. until now! ;)

some new pictures including my latest one "ghosttrain" ...

hope u like them ! greets shennie
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By Tea_Bag
:shock: ALL Excellent Renders! Love the Product Renders more! 8)
By Pierre Caron
Wow beautiful :shock:
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By tom
TV tube could be less rough (sharp speculars I mean). Mannequin looks great!
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By Hervé
Great work Shen... :wink:
thanks 4 comments guys...
sandykoufax wrote:Wow, cool. 8)

Especially your Tv set is really really realistic.


on the tv set I adjusted the light exactly the same as in my old room. 3 artificial lights from ceiling, 2 natural lights as windows, and a flashlight from right behind the camera... worked out well :D

still got a "flashlight-only" render in back of my hand. if you like, a can post it, too?!

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By Thomas An.
:shock: Lovely gallery you have here. Good attention to detail.
I like the choice of natural setting on your last (Dec07) images.
(Your TV scene can pass as a photo... Well done.)
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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