Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
tom wrote:Sorry, more precisely saying I meant chromatic aberration effect you did in the post.
oh, you mean the chromatic abberation... :) yeah but there's only one in the studio with the chairs. on my laptop didn'T look that strong since its only at 50% but I will check that for the next pic.


a little personal project I saw fitting to test sun setups ... wanted to get a warm feel like on cosy sunny morning when the sun peeks in :)

Great photorealism, that shadow artifact on the cushion in the centre is the only thing that needs fixing (such an easy fix - maybe even paint over it in PS). Perhaps the abberation is a form of watermark? (I dont like the abberation) You've got a great eye for interior design.. I'm very jealous :mrgreen:
thanks for the reply guys.

funny you see the CA that strong. on my screen its very suptle and the ps layer for it has a low visibility. I'm going to check that on another screen and fix that if neccessary.

hi guys...

long time no see. years to the day I'm posting a new image rendered with maxwell 5.

got my hand on it just yesterday. hope to post more soon.

thx mark.

tested another model in studio setup with hdri as main light source.
all materials where setup cinema4d internal to try to save as much time as possible and see how fast a solid result can be achieved. I like the stand alone material editor more but using them in cinema takes more time.

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Texture/finish lost in render.


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