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By oz42

I just got my lovely Mac Pro :D and am trying to get the Maxwell plugin to work with XSI 6.5 under XP Pro x64. When I install the plugin, shut down XSI and re-start I get the following error in the script editor immediately (even before I've done anything);

' ERROR : 2356 - This plug-in is not installed: MaxwellPluginOptions

and none of the Maxwell options (Maxwell as a render option, Maxwell materials, etc) are available (which, I guess is what this error means!)

Does this mean that the current plugin doesn't work? :cry: and if so when do you expect an update to appear?

I'd really love to get this working as the render speeds are amazing (as you can see from Benchwell!)
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By oz42
Does anyone have any ideas about this one?

There's a little red trianlge next to the maxwell dll file in the XSI plugin manager and it says 'unspecified error' (doesn't really help much!)

I was wondering whether there is a problem registering the dll?

Has anyone else got the plugin working in Win XP Pro x64 wth XSI 6.5.

P.S. I downgraded to the previous version of XSI 6.02 and still have the same problem.
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By oz42

you are a genius!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I've been struggling with this for over a week. It's easy when you know how!

Everything working A.OK.

Thanks again,
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