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By oz42
I know the XSI forum is pretty quite but I'm working on the first big project with the Maxwell plugin and it seems to be working ok - a bit clunky but definately ok!

The sun system seems to be mess up I think it's inverted? I've done a quick test and it looks like -Z is south (+Z would make more sense, as this is 'down' in plan view) and +X is east (-X would be correct with the South=+Z system). Also, the day seems very short!

This is my setup, just a simple box on a plane with a reflective hemisphere on top (note the direction of X and Z);

...and this is the only setting I am changing - 'Time of Day'. I'm doing it in 1 hour settings from 0 to 24.

and these are the results (sorry, some get over exposed but I decided to keep all other settings the same). As you can see the sun has already passed it's zenith by 10am and has already set by 5pm - don't forget the day is set to 180 which should be a sunny June day! The location is my location in the UK and the GMT offset is set for BST, the sun shouldn't be setting until at least 8pm!

has anyone else encountered this? and can it please be fixed!

P.S. any ideas on my animated camera issue I posted a few days ago? ... hp?t=24618
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By Mihai
I think you've got the long/lat reversed. I imported the scene in Studio and the location is not correct. About Z+ not being south....I'm not sure, for me it's seems more intuitive to have a a positive Z direction pointing towards the north.
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By oz42
yep, my bad, the long lats are reversed. Will test with things setup properly. Thanks.
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