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By oz42
Hi, I'm having problem rendering a simple scene.

Normally I just render a single frame and everything works fine; set render frame range to start and end at 1 and then hit render current pass.

With this scene I'm trying to render multiple camera angles overnight. Nothing changes in the scene, just the camera and camera interest's position. I set the render frame range to start at 1 and end at 2 and hit render current pass...

The two frames seem to export correctly - I have two mxs with different frame numbers but the camera position in the rendered frames doesn't change (but the interest does!). If I have XSI on frame 1 and hit render; Maxwell renders two images with the camera stuck at frame 1's position and the interest moving. If I have XSI on frame 2 before I render; Maxwell renders two images with the camera stuck at frame 2's position and the interest moving.

Any ideas? or other solutions to rendering multiple camera angles automatically overnight?

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By Mihai
Yes, camera animation doesn't seem to export properly. As a temp solution, just save out separate mxs files, start several instances of mxcl and render them all at the same time over night.
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By oz42
that's what I thought. Can you confirm that the animation problem will be solved with the next release of the XSI plugin?
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By Mihai
I can't confirm anything right now, but I'm sure this will get fixed. You probably know XSI 6.5 is around the corner and hopefully they have added some stuff to the SDK to allow for better plugin integration. A new version of the plugin will probably be released after that with more improvements.
By Rhs_CG
So do animated scenes export properly through the XSI plugin (excluding camera animation)?

I don't have access to XSI and maxwell on the same computer (yet ). Thanks.
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