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By Ernesto
I have found that there is a checkbox for manual focus in the Maxwell Camera Settings.
I do not understand the FOCUS behaviour in case this box is unchecked.
Is it supposed to work automaically?
Is it supposed to focus at the aim, in case it is the proper camera type?
Up to now I cannot get any rsult wwhich is not manually set
Any hint will be greatly helpfull

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By macray
I don't know about the maya plugin, but in cinema you have to use either a Null OR another target defined as the focus OR drag the camera focus (displayed when the camera is active there is a rough representation of the camera cone and the focal length) to the desired area. I prefer the target object because I can still move the camera without changing the desired focus plane too much from where it was defined.

I'd guess its the same in maya.
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By Ernesto
Yes, in Maya there is a target point which would be usefull as focus point, but somehow Maxwell Ignores it.
Instead the focus seems to be fixed at 50 cm in case I do not check the manual focus box.

My guess is that it should change depending on the camera-target distance....
Any hint?

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By Ernesto
I assume that if we have a check box called manual focus, unchecking it should be automatic focus...
Am I wrong???

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By Mihnea Balta
"Manual Focus Distance" lets you input an explicit focus distance in the box below. If it's unchecked, the focus point is the camera aim locator. There is no autofocus function.
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By Ernesto
Thanks, Mihnea!

I understand now.
Anyway I can say that the option when manual focus is not checked, is not working as it should.
I am working in CM and the camera is not focusing at the aim at all. It seems o b focusing nearer.
Any idea?

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By Ernesto
I have just found th problem!
I am woking in CM, so the camera looked tiny.
Then I decide to scale it to make it more easily visible, and this was messing the focusing distance!!!

Now, I have unscaled the cameras and everything seems to work ok!!!

And this brings to a new question: Is there any way to scale the camera Icon without messing all the parameters?

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