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By Ernesto

I am really lost on predicting the images filenames and locations when using Maxwell as the render engine.
Any hint on how to control the name and location of the mxi file as well as other format files as png etc. will be greatly apreciated.
If I render several still images from diferent computers that saves the output images on the same server, they overwrite each other, and cannot figure out how to avoid this interference.

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By Ernesto
I can find the preferences settings for maya, but they do not include filenames nor folders for Maxwell Render.
I cannot find them in the maxwell preferences window either...
Any hint?
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By Ernesto
Perhaps the question was not understood.....?

I mean that I cannot find a way to have control, of the output files. I cannot control the files names not their locations...
I am rendering stills, not animations.
Am I doing anything wrong?

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By Mihnea Balta
All Maya renders normally go to the "images" subdirectory in your project, this is not a Maxwell-specific feature. You can override that by providing a full path in the "file name prefix" field, e.g. c:\render\image.
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By Ernesto
Well, I have found the box you said...
But it seems to be useless, since every time it saves the image in a diferent folder....

What I would like to do is to save several cameras in a maya file, and create an automatic batch so that the machine could render all the cameras one after the other in a single night.
I would need that the filenames would be diferent in order to avoid overwriting the previos images.

I try the Batch menu, but it seems not to work...
I would be more than gratefull if someone can explain how to do so.


Reading your post seems like you are in really big trouble! In fact, maya 7 can be the big issue of all your posts! Update to maya 2008 64sp1+ on a 64 operationg system (windows xp pro 64bit is perfect) that is conform ''at least'' to the industry standard for before trying the Maya-Maxwell workflow. You are questioning on issues sometimes that are not maxwell related like file names etc from Maya. you should check with the Autodesk support and they will say ...> Update my dear / There is a lot of bugs on maya 7 (its the version updates when autodesk was buying Alias)

Hope that help.

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By Mihai
If you want to render different cameras, you could first create one .mxs for each camera view and then write a .bat file to render all those .mxs files. There is a handy utility in this thread that writes the .bat file for you: ... hp?t=16448

Just make sure you save your .mxs files, or rename them after they have been created with the proper padding, ie: yourscene0001.mxs, yourscene0002.mxs etc.
Then use that utility to write the .bat file, then just double click it to start the rendering of the mxs files. There is more info in that thread about using the .bat file.
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By Ernesto
Thanks Voxelpictures, and Mihai...

Voxelpictures, do you know for sure if these things are Maya bugs, that have been fixed in newerr versionns?

Mihai, thanks for the tip, I will study that way!

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