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By Ernesto
Using Maya 7 on Win XP 64 bits and Maxwell 1.7
It renders only in a fixed resolution of 1054 x 721.
Ignoring the resolution set in the pluggin.
Using the same maya file on a Win 32 bits and older Maxwell 1.6 pluss old pluggin it renders the right resolution.

The strange thing is that if using the first machine, I can export a maxwell file, and if opened with the Maxwell studio it will render in the right resolution !!!!!??????

I am really concerned about the impossibility of gettinng a version free of bugs.
I think I have been patiente enough waiting for more than 2 years, to get a working tool, that seems not to become real.
In addiion I am very surprised for the last anouncement of version 2, which may mean extra money t be paid to perhaps one day, get eventually a working version.

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By Mihnea Balta
Go to the "Render" menu, expand "Test Resolution" and make sure "Render Settings" is checked. It sounds like you're using "Camera Panel", in which case this is not a bug, it's doing exactly what you're telling it. If that's not the case, please provide more details about your set-up.

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