By dmeyer
I open a new scene in Maya, create a plane, create a Maxwell Material, and add displacement. I map a file texture to this field and assign the shader to the plane.

When I render, there is no displacement.

I can also create a nice displacement shader in Studio that renders fine. I export that MXM and Import it into a new Material in Maya. From within Maya, it will not render.

Am I missing something or is this completely broken?
By msantana
Hmmm I have encountered some bugs with displacement in maya, but before jumping to conclusions let me ask you this:

- Have you parented objects at all?

-Have you duplicated objects at all?

- Have you checked your units? It maybe that displacement works, it is just that it is too small to see.

Can you post the scene so that we can take a look?
By dmeyer
Thanks for your reply.

I got it to work. It seems there is a bug in how the Maxwell Material Attribute Editor makes the connection from the displacement texture into the shading group. If I click on the map button next to the displacement texture field (which pops open a file texture dialog)...the connections appear in Hypershade but it does not work.

On the other hand, if i manually create a file texture node in Hypershade, and then middle-mouse drag it onto the texture field, then it hooks up and works.

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!