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By deadalvs
hi ..

is it possible to have an object's attribute drive it's geometry ?

i am thinking about an input field (like the scale value) that drives for example the frame width in a window.

how's it possible or done best to create such intelligent objects without using construction history ?
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By DrMerman
Hey man :)

Something like this? :

Basically, I've used the connectAttr command to connect the FrameWidth and FrameDepth attributes to the appropriate parts of the objects history, like this :
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connectAttr windowFrame.FrameWidth windowFrameWidth.localScaleX;
connectAttr windowFrame.FrameWidth windowFrameWidth.localScaleY;
connectAttr windowFrame.FrameWidth windowFrameWidth.localScaleZ;

connectAttr windowFrame.FrameDepth windowFrameDepth.localTranslateZ;
You might have to do some dynamic renaming in your script if you want multiple windows, but this should get you on your way.

Hope it helps!


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