By voxelpictures
Hi Everybody,

I was wondering why when i use maxwell material in maya i cannot have texture shading mode.

For example i can texture any object with any kind of original maya material and modify the placement of a projected image file but when i use a maxwell material, even on applying a file texture the material remains green and i can't see the texture on the object...How come? am i doing something wrong. BTW swatches are ok, they are updated normally.

Should i setup materials and textures in the mxed.exe? Before, i made only still images and using the Studio was perfect fr textuing. Now i need to animate so i trying the workflow through the maya plugin.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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By deadalvs
yo Roshan !

you are using the 5 button on the keyboard for shading. this only uses flat, non-textured shading. try the 6 button.

the textures themselves can be improved in quality in the material node all the way on the bottom under hardware texturing. try 128x128 or more.

green always just means that it's not a native maya shader. or a missing shader.

you can select which channel is used for shading too.

try this ..

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Thanks Fernando!




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