By p3tamaxwell
I saw on the Website when you export an MXS from Maya... then
Open that MXS in Studio and hit render and it says cannot export scene to file... I read that its a environment variable issue. I checked my environment variable and it is as it says to be on the web site.

The reason why I am trying to do this is I have some old MXS files that are authored so i can not export OBJ to bring them into and EXISTING maya file to then render them with MXS.

So I need to export my Maya to MXS then import in studio my other MXS authored files and thats when I get that error...

Any ideas



> ERROR: When I hit render I always get the message: Error: Cannot export scene to file C:\DOCUME~1\davidy\LOCALS~1\Temp\mxs82A.tmp

1) Check if you have Maxwell Render installed.

2) If you have it installed, check if you have next environment variable in your system with your path, something similar to this, MAXWELL_ROOT = C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell\ Going to Start menu press RMB in My Computer > Properties. In the dialogue box “Advanced” tab click on Environment variables check it on the two lists. If you don’t have this variable created, you had to create manually. If the problem persists uninstall Maxwell Render and reinstall it again.

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