By kent07
When I have a huge scene in Maya, and starts maxwell rendering via Maya I get at memory warning by windows vista 64 bit, just after vaxilasation.?
Windows must close some programs be course of memory problem, I have 10gb of ram. The Maya file is 393mb.
The User manual writes that maxwell can handle big files with only 2gb of memory
What am I missing?

By cgbeige
wow - a 400MB Maya scene? What kind of polycount is that?
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By Bubbaloo
It could be the export process that is using a lot of memory. If you can do so in Maya, export the scene to mxs, close Maya, then open MXCL and load then render the mxs.
By kent07
thanks bubbaloo this way it works fine :-)

cgbeige okay the mxs file is around 1gb.
I dont know what goes for the polycount

the data look like this
Meshes 61145
Tris 9256480
verts 5872766
edgs 4195243

By cgbeige
lol - 9 million tris. I guess that's tessellated for render but man, that's huge. If there's anything you can do to reduce your model complexity, that will likely help.
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By deadalvs
well.. when i looked at the following detail, something just didn't feel right. after thinking a little, i came to the conclusion that this was a weak spot.


why ?

if there's rain, the rain droplets splash off the roof surface and jump again back up up to 40 cm. i know there's a roof part just above the window, but if the rain comes little sideways it seems dangerous. if this building would be raised in a rainy area, the bottom part of the window (name for the horizontal bar at the bottom of the window ?) will be moist a lot ! growing algae and even moss could result in the gaps, causing interior damage to the construction. plus the window has to be cleaned after each rain.

well... i just suppose this could be a problem. i don't see how far that roof comes out on top. but it can't be too much to lower the daylight coefficient inside the rooms of this southern facade.

maybe moving the window a little bit more to the right could help as a simple solution ?
or am i totally wrong here ?
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By Bubbaloo
You are probably very close on that assumption. This rendering was done before construction docs were even started, so detailing in that area was probably adjusted accordingly. You know how prelim renderings go! :wink:
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By deadalvs
good to hear !

well, i could not help myself but to express this doubt !

but i'm happy that the trained eye is still a valuable tool of judgement !

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