By br1
Any update on that topic please ? Would be great to have an approximation.
By cgbeige
lol. any day now someone at Next Limit is going to accidentally read this thread. Maybe three months later, they'll answer.
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By Mihnea Balta
Sorry about the late answer. A version of the plug-in which supports 2009 is being tested and it will be released shortly if it works OK.
By cgbeige
I sit corrected. thanks.
By dmeyer
any updates? Itching to use Maya 2009... :D
By msantana
They mentioned in another topic that they would release the plug-in this week if they didn't find any issues with it.

I guess they did find issues, since it is already night over there in Spain.

By cgbeige
I had sent two files this week that had problems with the 2008 plug-in (one was crashing with simple decals and the other was corrupting of texture on export). They are probably fixing these problems.
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By 3dtrialpractice
cool thnks for the info.. glad to know its getting worked on
By voxelpictures
You guys are waiting for a Maya 2009 plug, Why?
To do the same thing as the maya 2008 plug for maxwell!!!!! Or Maya 2009 is bringing something new to the maxwell workflows!!!!

Awaiting your comments!!
By cgbeige
the Maxwell 2008 plug-in doesn't work with Maya 2009. We're waiting for a plug-in update so we can use the new version of Maya, which has some good new features.
By cgbeige
just got prompted for the updated when I launched Maya 2008 and downloaded. Installed fine and renders fine from Maya 2009. Thanks!
By cgbeige
I am having some problems with Maxwell and Maya 2009 (OS X Mac Pro Intel):

- textures aren't refreshing. I replaced a wood texture on some geometry and while it renders okay and the Attribute Editor shows the right texture, the viewport still shows the old texture.
- some textures aren't showing up properly. I set the hardware texture of this file to the RGB image at the right but it shows up completely different in the viewport:


And then there's the old problem of the top part of the mxm Attribute panel gradually expanding and expanding to the point where it's a lot of empty space:

Mihnea - emailing you this stuff now.

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