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By deadalvs
i'll do .. one sec.
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By deadalvs
i took the time to separate each material type to an individual obj. took some time, but there were objects with multiple materials on one mesh. most of the times, this is easiest and of course you don't have make your poly selections from scratch !

btw. the models are named after the original assigned material

have fun !


zip file and in case the zip file doesn't open (created on a mac, this causes problems sometimes), the eleven objs are also there.
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By KurtS
awesome - thanks a lot deadalvs!
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By deadalvs
you're welcome !

* * *

this model's been around for a while !

i remember using it in 2005 to play with GI solutions for art vps render hardware ..

it's simple, but unforgiving for accurate lighting ! :)
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By deadalvs
there's still a lot room for tweaking this of course if it's not just for tests.

this is a perfect example where maxwell may give a mathematically correct solution, but those caustics in the fg on the ceiling beam are just not appealing based on image composition.

but that topic alone would be worth a whole discussion. tweaking stuff like this is much more complex in maxwell than in traditional cg lighting, where you have control over each single light and it's full range of parameters.

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