I’m having debilitating issues transferring my Maya scenes (Maya for Maxwell) from OSX 10.4 (where I do shader look dev on my notebook) to Win x64 (our production network). Here’s what I’m doing...

Open standard Maya file with geo in OSX, turn on Maxwell plugin and start lighting & shading using Maxwell materials. Working units are in inches.

Save file.

While some materials are already on my Win x64 production network, I also grab new ones from the online site while doing OSX look dev. Any new materials I grab are transferred over to Win x64, including any applicable texture and / or ior files and re-linked upon opening the scene in Maya on the x64 network. Note, I’m only transferring the basic “as delivered” materials - although I’m modifying them in the scene by adding / deleting material layers, tweaking settings, etc. I’ve been figuring the scene file contains all the information as to how the “base materials” should be modified.

Upon attempting to work in Hypershade / Multilister once the scene is transferred, the system crashes, such as hitting “update preview”, etc. in the material settings dialogue.

The other weird thing is I have the render globals set to render at 320x240 and now everything I try to render from the scene is coming out at half the resolution specified. For instance, if I change the render globals to 1K Square output resolution, the render comes out at 512 square. The scene was originally setup for 640x480, but then I hand input 320x240 in the dimensions to speed up the render review process. Now I’m just getting half-rez of whatever I’m selecting even though the dimensions show up properly in the globals dialogue. Again - I choose the 1K square globals setting, it shows 1K by 1K in the dimensions input values but the render comes out 512 x 512! By the way, my film and resolution gates are set to the same aspect ratio.

Is there a specific set of rules for transferring Maxwell Maya scenes from OSX to Win x64? Is there some sort of material export process I need to do for proper transfer if I'm changing the basic state of existing ones?

I really want to work on my Mac notebook from home after hours and then bring the work onto my Win x64 production network upon getting back into the studio, but is this not possible [yet]?


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By Mihnea Balta
The Maya scene files contain all the material data, so you don't need the MXMs on the Win64 machine. You only need the external files: IOR, R2, textures.

For the half-size render problem, check the "Test Resolution" item in the "Render" menu. You might have accidentally set that to 50%.

Transferring files from OSX to Win64 should work, but you've probably found a plug-in bug. Does it happen with simple scenes, e.g. a cube with a Maxwell material? Could you send me a scene that crashes at mihnea.balta@gmail.com (or a download link, if it's too big)? It would make it much easier to identify and fix the problem.
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