hi again.... working on a very big model with lots of data, and now I can't render it anymore, maya (2008) crashes during the export process. Computer is a quad-core (at 3.4 Ghz) with 3Gb ram. Checking the task manager shows maya is using 1.1 Gb ram and 1.1 Gb virtual memory during the crash. I know that usually it's suppose to be enough but I get "fatal error" again and again... what could be the problem ? thanx !
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By choo-chee
found it, geomety was too heavy for my system.
By daimon
Win xp 64 will fix your problem
By Jorge Alix
It could be you are using Windows 32 bits, windows 32 bits only manage 1.6gb per application, you can increase this 1.6 up to 3gb in Windows32bits editing the boot.ini file.
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By choo-chee
thanx all, already did it but still heavy scenes mean finding ways to make 'em lite ... I'm gonna post the images soon in the gallery (it was done for an architectural competition so can't let you see it yet)...

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