I´ve updated my 32-Bit Maya 2008 plugin from 1.6.1 to 1.6.6 but it still shows 1.6.1 as version number in the title bar and in the "about" box. Is this "normal"?

[edit: When I look at the information box in the Maya plugin manager it shows version number 1.6.6 - so I guess you forgot to update the version number in the title bar and in the about box, didn´t you?! :wink: ]

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By Mihnea Balta
Which bar and about box? This is just a plug-in update, there have been no changes to the renderer, so MXCL is still 1.6.1. The last digit represents the build number and it's not synchronized between the various components (MXCL, plug-ins etc.). For example the Max plug-in is 1.6.10.
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By marcotronic
That explains it all, thanks a lot.

It´s the renderer which still shows 1.6.1, of course! :)

Thanks again,
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