By br1

I'm trying to map the color channel of my MXDiffuse material with a file texture, but the render output is black. I want to go that way to be able to tile my fileTexture, as it doesnt seem to be tileable wen I use the Color map.
Is there any other way to get tiled texture using mayall ?

And are the textures from maya supported, like for example checker or bulge ?

Any tips welcome
By br1
So, here is an image of what I need to texture, maybe it'll help you understand that I need tiling. I just need an answer to the question - How do I tile - or - is tiling supported in Mayall. I've already searched for ways to do it and if the answer is no, it is not yet supported you'll spare me a few more hours of digging.
I think that the Mayall documentation really lacks information about what is supported or not for texturing.

Thanks for any help...


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