By msantana
Hello everyone, I have been a lurker for a while on these forums and it is finally time for me to contribute.

I didn't find this question about this bug answered on this forum, so here it goes:

In maya 2008, if I make an instance of an object and change the scale of one dimension from 1 to -1 it renders correctly, like this:


But when I export it to an mxs file and open it in studio, the position and the scale of the instanced object is wrong, like this:


I would like to work with mxs files since with an mxs file I am able to use less memory by running the mxcl application from the command line.

And this brings me to a technical question, doesn't the plugin have to generate an mxs file anyway so that the mxcl can render it? Then how come maya can generate a temporary file and render it and then not export an mxs file correctly? The obvious answer is that they don't use the same procedure and I would be curious as to what exactly maya writes to the temp file that the mxcl application reads since I can see that it is not a regular mxs file.

Back to the topic, the offending maya file that renders correctly but does not export right is below:

And the exported mxs file is this one:

Thanks for looking!

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By Mihnea Balta
It's not a plug-in bug, it's a Studio bug. If you render the exported MXS file directly with MXCL the object will be positioned correctly. The problem appears when you open the MXS in Studio because Studio cannot correctly extract the transformation data from the file. Unfortunately this is not limited to scaling, it will happen with certain rotations too. It's not related to instances either, normal meshes suffer from it too. A fix is being developed.

Anyway, rendering from the command line should work, just don't go through Studio.
By msantana
Thanks, since my scenes are heavy in geometry and textures I didn't bother to just render it from the command line right away and opened it only in studio to see how they were exported.

Turns out the mxs files do render properly.


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