We were wondering why all of our scenes take such a very long time to save - even if we delete all data and nodes inside the scene it takes to save forever ! (a scene with nothing in it - you even can't save this scene as .ma)

who do we get rid of all maxwell stuff in our scenes ?
is this a bug or is there a solution for it?

[maya 8.0, maxwell 1.61, plugin 1.64 on windows xp64]
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By Mihnea Balta
There is no hidden "Maxwell stuff" in the scenes. If you delete all the materials, meshes etc. the only "Maxwell thing" left is the render settings node called "maxwellRenderOptions", and that can't take a long time to save. Are you sure the Maxwell plug-in is causing the slowdown? Could you send me a simple scene which takes a long time to save, so I can investigate?

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