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By deadalvs
hi ...

i was tired of putting duplicates of my scripts in maya's default scripts folder, so i wrote a little script that lets me source the scripts from any directory.
like this i can store all my scripts on a shared network folder and keep the maya installations clear.

the script actually checks the dir for all .mel scripts and sources ALL that is found.
simply put the code to a shelf button or in the userSetup.mel file.

string $path = "enter path here";

string $FileArray[] = `getFileList -folder $path`;
for ($eachFile in $FileArray){
//print ($eachFile + "\n");
string $buffer[];
$numTokens = `tokenize $eachFile "." $buffer`;
if ($buffer[(size($buffer))-1] == "mel"){
string $FullPath = $path + $buffer[0] + ".mel";
eval ("source " + "\"" + $FullPath + "\"");
i hope someone can use this too...

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