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By simmsimaging
You may be better off to d-load Crazy Bump and adjust the height of your normal map there. It's easy to use and fast. Then you can just set the bump value in MW and then leave the value in MW alone (but not too high, like maximum 30-40 or you will get into artifacting issues in my limited experience).
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By Mattia Sullini
Well, i have to admit you are right. The manual is as flat as oil... :wink:
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By simmsimaging

You might want to check out the think site and see Tom's tutorial on bump map use with MW. It will save you a lot of pain. Take my word for it.

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By Mihai
Did you take a look at the Maya plugin docs?

You can either:
"Bump connections are also translated. We take the "bump strength" value from the "bump depth" attribute of bump2d nodes and we support normal mapping in the Maya versions where it is implemented (from 7.0 and up)."



"Custom shader node that exposes all the attributes that you can edit in Maxwell's Material Editor."


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