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By MarkM
Thanks Mike!
I’m not a Maya user but I think any Maxwell user can find these useful.

One suggestion, you might want to check out flash (swf) export in Camtasia, works like a treat for web videos, and you can view the video at your screen resolution. :wink:
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By 3dtrialpractice
yep. .thnx the videos all turned black it was a quicktime issue on my computer..
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By abgrafx3d
Thanks alot Mike! Downloading now :)
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By deadalvs
mverta wrote:Whenever I'm talking about precision, it always seems to call for my inner German.

my inner german... now that's a nice combination of words... never heard that before... :)

around here, in german speaking fields, there's an other term used...

racism, racism ! :) :)

* * *

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By deadalvs
baby vomit yellow... !

* * *

WHAT ??? :)

* * *

By daimon
Thank you Mike for the great videos.
By Neil Evans
Hi Mike, really cool. Thanks a lot. Can't wait for the materials tutorial..
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By Jozvex
Great job Mike! It's nice to hear another person with Faux Dissociative Speech Identify Disorder too.

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By b-kandor
Hey Mike, Thanks for the videos - much appreciated :)
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By SunlightRocker
Thanks again. I have watched them all now, and I learnt a lot of things. Thanks. The new plugin is amazing.

Mike, I love your whiskey-voice. :D I dont know why, but it makes me feel calm, and it makes me focus on what you say. hehe.
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By Thomas An.
Although not a Maya user, I enjoyed the videos too. Nice work Mike !
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By Tyrone Marshall
Mike these are fantastic videos, I learned quite a bit in my own workflow!

I recommend these videos to any maxwell render user to pick up some great tips from the pro! :D

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