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By seghier
in translucent material the single sided accept using texture but for some examples (not only milk or orange juice) the scattering color changed
i test to render a mushroom using translucent material and the texture have two colors red and yellow ; if i choose red color for scattering i get wrong result in the yellow part and vice versa.
and what is the best approach to create mushroom material or any other food or fruit with maxwell translucent material ?
in this example after many tests i use two layers :
layer 1 : bsdf with the texture and rough = 100 and other bsdf for translucent effect
layer 2 for reflection
and i hope maxwell team add some nice translucent materials examples in materials website




mushrooms with textures available here: https://megascans.se/library/free

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Wow! :D Nice render

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