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By seghier
i see a holographic material created by vray and it's very nice and very realistic
i searched here and i find old threads asked for the same material without solutions
i tried with this one but i need it more realistic
the problem that the color changed hanged with the change of angle

test :
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By Nasok
Nice one :)

Would love to have it also :)

In reality that is what it is - the colour spectrum is changed based on a viewing angle :)

That way you can see something from once side and not from another.

Altho, I think that for making it a truly holographic you should shift the texture map inside a bit depending on an angle that way you will have that visible "depth"

Beside that - coating is a little helper here :)

P.S. and couple version of the same texture with different parameters :)

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Wow! :D Nice render

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