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By Tok_Tok
//The scene has been updated to MR 3.0 with some improvements:

- Camera now uses the orthograpic lens system
- No more depth of field
- UVW map now has a 1:1 ratio
- Material bars are now better placed
- The environment dome now has a falloff


For a long time I didn't quite understand the attenuation settings in maxwell, when you give your material a transmittance color it doesn't always come out the way you would want it to. Also it is
sometimes hard to imagine how glass would look like in a certain thickness. So a while ago I made a little preview scene for myself to better understand what was going on. It worked for me very well
and I improved the scene to a more complex one. Now I want to share it with everbody here ;)

Here are some images on what the scene looks like:



And here is the link to the files:

Attenuation preview scene for MR 3.0

Attenuation preview scene

Hopefully this can help some people!

Gr Joep

Ps. Just drop the files in the preview map of the Maxwell installation folder.
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By djflod
very nice of you :shock:

very helpful .. thank you a lot :!:
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By Hervé
well in your Download, it's 2001 x 2001.. but no problem.. one can resize it if he wants..

Thanks again.. :wink:

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