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Vodka79 wrote:anyone has a good roof texture tiles material?
There is no such thing! :(
After all, the biggest problem is always the model, it is difficult to model the tiles unless you are an Archicad user.

:idea: I remembered!
I would very much appreciate some false ceiling textures and mats. (The 60X60cm pieces of rock fiber).
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By arch4d
Maximus3D wrote:arch4d: I see you requested a grass texture. Could you give me some more info about how you would like it to be.

- Texture resolution : at least 2048x2048
- Non-repeating : exactly
- Tileable : yes
- Is it for closeup renderings or distant renderings : more distant, but closup would be great too...

- Color variation, flowers and so on.. :
/ Max
thought about something like this:
sorry, can´t show the rest of the image yet (competition)
this grass was done in ps...

by the way, just downloaded the one you showed in your second thread.
will try it these days, when i got a little time.
thanks a lot
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By Maximus3D
Thanks arch4d for your reply :) keeping the resolution high is no big problem but making it non-repeating and tileable at that resolution is a bit of a problem, i can make it non-repeating within the texture resolution, but i will have to shoot for a procedurally generated grass texture to make it tileable aswell for resolutions like that. I hope it's still ok :)

By the looks of it you need variations (darker and lighter patches) in the grass to make it more realistic. it can be done..

As soon as i have new versions i done i'll post them here.

Take the time you need, and good luck in the competition :) your result looks pretty good from what i can see.

/ Max
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By arch4d
thanks a lot, maximus.
really appreciate your work, mate.
and yes, i know i need variations, so the map must be big enough to not show tilings then.

but, you know... to make those big green areas in ps everytime is a lot of work, but unfortunately we often have those grass areas, cause we plan new complexes in the middle of nowhere...

so, it would be great being able to render those areas too.
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By w i l l
It's to create a render of just one brick - texture applied to model of a brick, not a brick wall.
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By w i l l
No, I have got the brick model. It's to apply to this brick bench:


Here I made a brick material but it's a bit too shiny and speckled. I can change this, but was wondering if anyone had tried their own brick mxm.
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By Xlars
Wonderful initiative Tyrone. I have looked through the thread and found the following requests so far (it might be an idea to update your first post also with solutions/places to find the requested materials when/if they are available?). Personally I would like to see some materials for snow on the ground (you know whith those little sparkles when then sun hits it. Another usefull thing would be a material for showing the pages of a closed book from the side (basically a good bump/normal map?).

Anyway here is the list so far:


Green Oxidized Copper

Flower w/SSS

Leaf w/SSS
Textile w/SSS

wooden floors - see materials with Maxwell 1.1

Brick wall - see materials with Maxwell 1.1

White plastered brick wall
Concrete - see materials with Maxwell 1.1

Curtain with texture (like blackout ) for a window w/SSS

More mansory materials

Tile materials of various sorts

Sandblasted glass or a milky plexiglass to be used for light fixtures

Fake caustics water

Latex and silicones

All sorts of rubber with or without talcum
Technical plastics like bakelite, pertinax and other urea-based plastics

Plastic foams

SSS canvas

Paper lampshade

Arch/viz material like granits, marbles, stones etc. (also for large scenes)


Lamp shades

Frosted glass

Sea water

Plastics categorized by polymer type (ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, nylon, elastomers of various types, open and closed cell foams, Glass filled materials, etc...)

Condensation for the outside of a glass bottle

Grass material
Roof texture tiles

False ceiling textures and mats

"One brick" texture

Snow with sparkles

Pages on closed book
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By Xlars
Sounds good Maximus 8)
By artaud
I do not know if the material can fit your needs, but I just published a green oxyded copper, called Verderame.
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