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Hello Maxwell Users,

(The OFFICIAL "Standard Illumination off Materials Ball" (SIM-ball) can be found here: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... hp?t=16919)

If you have any proposals or suggestions on modifying the original design ... introducing more interesting and more useful design characteristics to track more rendering metrics ... or if you wish to suggest new prototypes for consideration ... please flex your design muscles here in this thread (as a scrapbook, or a brainstorming thread).

This can be a slow process (we don't want to be switching objects too often) but the design will evolve over time... however the scene illumination will remain constant (only the object itself might evolve).

A screenshot of your design suggestion would be most useful (a picture is worth 100 words).
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By raja
hello Thomas An.,

thanks for all the effort. brilliant stuff. beautiful object. extremly useful...

brainstorm in brainstorm english (edit: must kill the coulds):

- the sphere can have shells inside, to demonstrate SSS of thin walled plastics. a smaller sphere (in the core) as an emitter, to demonstrate light through various layers.

- sphere can be chopped too and expose edges. varying thickness can be used here.

- 0.3 to 1.5 mm thickness plastics (packaging for example). Variable thickness are also useful... and maybe objects like 'bossess'.

- metals could further demostrated by having screws in the scene. nuts and bolts could be interesting too. You could screw your scene objects together. Chamfers could be added.

- paper/carton material is also needed

- plastic samples from suppliers are sometimes made into small chips. one could model such chips (with plastic material specification embossed on the chip). A scene with a chip flat on ground and another vertical. The Carbon Fibre material in maxwell goodies (thanks) is good for material demonstration scene.

- for lamps and LEDs behind thin plastics (ipod)- we need an emitter. the bubbles could be the emitters simulating LEDS.

- one could combine the fabric preview and your object preview, by dropping a fabric piece on the spehere (the edges have to be zig-zag cut). light through fabric perview by making the sphere an emitter.


hope this is useful.
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By designpimp
- How about standardizing the colors used for reference renderings? For instance I would like to use this scene to render all roughness, transmitiance, ND, etc, etc. Would be good to lock down the settings for the colors so we can have a standard reference.
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By Thomas An.
Fernando Tella wrote:We need a line of light to test sss.
Hi Fernardo,

In the most current scene it is possible to turn on the back side of the gray core sphere. Is this not working well ?

Expand the "Object Core" group and you will see two objects a) Emitter portion, b) Exposed portion.
The material of the "emitter portion" has an emitter layer and a diffuse gray layer. The emitter layer has an RGB=0 (turned off). Now if you make the RGB=255 then it will glow.
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By Fernando Tella
I'm testing it now and I don't think it's very useful that way, cause the whole object gets illuminated. Maybe some radial emitter stripes at the bottom of the ring would allow to see how the light falls off more clearly.
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By goncalo
Hy Thomas

I don´t use Studio just the plugin for C4D and the material editor...
So the MXI file is not good for me to present some materials...
If the object in 3ds or c4d ... in that case i think will be very usefully


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By Thomas An.
Hi all,

There is a new version of the scene available for testing (version 06-30-speedopt)

  • Added thin (3mm and 2mm) wall thicknesses. The main object now has an hidden inner cavity underneath the Maxwell logo. This cavity has a minimum 2mm thickness against the sphere and 3mm thickness on the top ledge (underneath the Maxwell letters)
  • Ribbon emitter included for SSS. The inner core is now split in two. a) A bulb emitter portion and b) a ribbon emitter portion. Both of these portions have a two layer material with the emitter layer being turned off (RGB=0). You can turn on either the ribbon emiiter or the bulb emitter (or both).
(Everything else is identical as before)
If anyone wants to give this a try here is the link:
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By Tyrone Marshall
goncalo wrote:Hy Thomas

I don´t use Studio just the plugin for C4D and the material editor...
So the MXI file is not good for me to present some materials...
If the object in 3ds or c4d ... in that case i think will be very usefully


Hello Goncalo,

I can understand the need to have this scene in any 3d file format but this would require a good deal of work. It would require a lot of effort to work backwards to recreate this scene with all of the exposure adjustments and other calibrations that Thomas made to the scene so that it could be replicated in a host software specific file format.

I would not recommend it and I am sure, Thomas will not provide as the perfect place for this scene is Studio.
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By Thomas An.
Tyrone Marshall wrote:...I would not recommend it and I am sure, Thomas will not provide as the perfect place for this scene is Studio...
Yes, this scene will be available only as an MXS file. No geometry files. Sorry
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By DrMerman
Thanks for the update Thomas. Really appreciated :)
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By Tyrone Marshall
Thanks for the update Thomas! Please consider example images of the updated features in action or a preview with explanation.
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By Richard

Mate I must say your scene just gets better and better. The thinking behind this scene is awesome and a serious contribution (doubt there will ever be more) to the maxwell community - hats off to you mate!!!

I would still vote for a scene so adopted from your thinking toward better representation or architectural materials. I would have to say contributions from others would be good to see this option develop. For me though I have little that end to contribute as my thinking just cant seem to go to the depth of yours!

Any efforts you could contribute there I'm sure would appreciated as your efforts to date have!

Cheers and thank YOU!

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