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By seghier
skin with multilight:

i test the scene in blender/cycles and 3dsmax/vray and the results are very nice ; the displacement fast and the reflection look more real.
in maxwell the displacement need long time and finally it is not good and maxwell don't accept 32bits exr map or using and blend two different dips/maps like in vray or blender ; also the skin preview like in blender is fast and similar to the final render unlike maxwell ; and fire in studio don't help anymore with translucent material.
the skin need many tests in different lights and a powerful pc because the translucent material look clean after sl 15 and the real result need more sl.
in the first example i used one layer with thin sss and reflection
in the second example : one layer with two bsdf : thin sss and regular translucent mat and second layer for reflection
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!