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By Nasok
Hey guys!


Here it is again a free 3D model - 1L. motor oil bottle (UV mapped and textured) - with slightly re-worked Maxwell materials.
And a a little exercise - I've also included a tile-able version of that generic plastic material (all textures are 4k)

Get everything HERE

P.S. - simball is rendered to SL14 .. but it actually looked pretty good on SL12 - forgot to stop the rendering :lol: - It is a bit hard to see the normal map in action on a simball image - but be sure it is there - it's just UV mapping on simball is a bit less than ideal, so it's hard to see any subtle details there. For tillable version - I've included both 2K and 4K versions of the normal map - as it turned out that 2k version looked better on some smaller scale objects.

Cheers! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Quick update - here is the same bottle with tile-able material applied - as you can see that normal map is far more prominent than on our favourite sim-ball 😁 ( this time I stopped at SL 12 )

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