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By Nasok
Here is a little update.

Finally got some time to put it all together.

You can get those lightsabers (uv mapped with maxwell materials)
on my Artstation -
or Behance - ... -3D-Models

Also, here is a little set of Maxwell materials, based on procedurals (4k tile-able)


Get those MXMs from my ArtStation -
Or Behance - ... -Materials

Drop me a line if you want to grab a high poly ones for your awesome artworks :)
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By Nasok
Thanks guys for your feedback :)

btw, let me know if you wanna have this PVC plastic material :) ... or bottle model :)


P.S. - by the way, if you need some basic (generic) wood materials (with super simple set up) .. like this one:

or these ones

you can grab them here:
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By Nasok
Thanks guys :)

Hey @arcmos, here is the link to FBX (with Maxwell material and textures)

I did this material in substance painter, so I don't really have SBS file of that. But it is really based on one of the standard plastic materials + plus a few textures for roughness and height.nothing too crazy :)


P.S. - if you want I can spend some time and make this material tile-able :) so you could apply it to anything
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By Nasok
And here is another lightsaber for grabs and a bit more progress on my little study.
Lightsaber 5. - Mace Windu


And here is a super simple .. like really simple material's set up


Basically it's just 1 BSDF for diffuse and one for gloss (as usual) - this set up will give you a regular plastic (and roughness map on glossiness BSDF - controls the glossiness)
And on top - you can see there is a "Metallic" layer which is basic metal preset .. i believe iron .. with roughness texture and mask on the layer (this is where you plug your metallic map)
And just one normal map in global properties for all the layers.

Oh and yeah - you see the "Coating" layer there ? - that is just for fun. So in the below image I've switched off the metallic layer and turned on Coating layer.
And, of course for coating layer I followed tom's suggestion on adding glossy film .. a bit tweaked but pretty much the same approach.


Looks like something that Storm-troopers might like :wink:

Oh, and of course here is the same model on a 4cm grid


And if you feel like playing with it, using it for any kind of your projects, or just want to see how the material was set up and what maps were used - feel free to grab it Here
Both high poly and low poly. Textured, UV Mapped and, of-course, bundled with Maxwell material.

Cheers! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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