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By eric nixon
Thanks, I hope to improve/finish this scene later when time allows. Here is my final effort snow-wise, Feel free to ask questions.



(Those 2D rocks on the horizon should be 'bright' but the emitters are turned off for this test.) In the future we should have 'bright' materials as an option without using emitters, but when will that be??? :wink:
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By eric nixon
Gravel also using realflow.. I need to find a reference pic, as not sure about gravels behavior infront of the tyres.

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By Tung Ling Leung
Hi Eric,

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are a incredible talent CG Artist. For me your renderings are flawless. Very appreciate you sharing your works here.

All the best,
Tony :D
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By Nasok
Your snow material looks pretty cool.

Here is a little texture that might be useful - Image

I used it for one of my glazing materials a while a go - give it a try (might be an interesting input for roughness, or a mask for super reflective layer)

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Texture/finish lost in render.