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By nirusu
Hi there, I have recreated my camera, Fujifilm X100 and this is the first attempt of a studio shot of it.

- SL 6, Extra Sampling 13
- Multilight
- Rendertime ca. 15 minutes

Maxwell response:

Kodachrome 64 response (with adjusted MultiLight):

Please feel free to give me any advice on how to improve on it.
By rusteberg
looks like you've got some funky geometry at the top and some heavy aliasing around the lens rim..... other than that it's looking good :D
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By nirusu
Thank you! Good points.

I just tried to fix the geometry on top. It's a bit better now but can't get it completely right...

The aliasing around the rim... I don't know how to fix that.
Also looks like it's more on the Kodachrome 64 version than the maxwell response version probably because of higher contrast...?

Any ideas on how to tackle this? (I tried another bevel but doesn't seem to help )

Strangely enough it now looks noisier. With same settings...

By burnin
it's hard without seeing actual mesh... probably you need to correct edge flow, clean up geometry
unless you're using normal/bump/displ. textures, then it's a different matter

to resolve noise issues, check on M~R blog "DOs & DON'Ts"
Noise & aliasing usually appear with improper lighting or shading (i.e. too strong lighting + too reflective mats) so tend to use/set real world values.

... tho if you have a file to share...
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By nirusu
Hi! Well, it's a bunch of C4D files which I export to MXS and then in a scene MXS file load into Studio via MXS Reference.

Is that something you could use?

I think I more or less fixed the issue on the top metal part by adding some extra cuts. The aliasing though looks like it's a combination of material, sharp edge and frontal lighting... Maybe :-)

I've tried with a standard material on the lens hood and then I don't notice it.

The metal on the lens hood is a basic Aluminium from the presets with roughness set to 30.
Texture/finish lost in render.


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