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By eric nixon
Very convincing images Herve, tiny crit is that the shadows look very dark grey/black, shouldn't there be some color bleed?

Obviously I'm quite jealous and curious about this work, but I also know how much you like to 'hack the matrix' that's the reason I get suspicious, not the jealousy :)

Scans are awesome, did you use photoscan or the bentley thingy?
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By Hervé
hey Thanks Folks

well I use no hack.. just some imaginative setup to get what I am after..

bear in mind that Maxwell has no skin sss atm.. so it's not perfect, but it works ok.

I used RealityCapture. for the scan part.

(btw, Eric.. try not to hack the Maxwell forum with octane renders that are not even yours.. thanks for that. )
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By Aniki
I thought the cheese was Corona actually.. Octanes sss is even inferior afaik..

Hervé, care to show some blatant lambert greyshade and texturing only?

+1 on the skin shading, Next Limit teased some time ago..

reality capture is THE photogrammetry app nowadays, agreed.
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By eric nixon
just some imaginative setup to get what I am after
The problem with that approach, like using thin-sss for solid ojects, is that it only works for certain lighting and certain viewing angles. Its not physically correct...

Also, I dont think mentioning other render engines is taboo, Maxwell's quality is superior.
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By Hervé
well glad you mention physically correct.. the model itself is NOT physically correct.. it has no real skin over the flesh and bones, not to forget the under-skin melted greasy part.
So at the end I have to use what works. And so far I think that works. It's called adaptation.

btw, taboo ?/ It's just that this place is a commercial Forum for posting WIP images rendered in Maxwell. Period. If you still need to compare Maxwell with Octane, you can open an off topic thread.
By photomg1
great results !

would have like to have asked why recap 360 over photoscan , but dare not :D
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By NicoR44
I already said it on Facebook, but again here Hervè, STUNNING!!!!!! :-)
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By Hervé
Thank you Dears .. :D
would have like to have asked why recap 360 over photoscan , but dare not :D
no recap360.. neither Photoscan.. but reality Capture 8)

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