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By paulo
love all the camera views and angles, quite appealing for potential buyers

the only thing i don't love is the photoshop mountains on top of the building, you can see the square cut outs, on another image there is space in between them and the trees,

i think it would remain a strong visual image even without them

as for textures, i'm a novice so i will let the others chime in

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By eric nixon
Get another architect? It looks like the client designed this one. :P

Nice fir-trees, sorry I cant think of any constructive feedback. If it was possible I would opt to make one cgi view of the house with painstakingly photoshopped nature foreground/background, maybe even a site backplate if thats possible.
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By eric nixon
Yes it works (in this modest test), but you have to set the volume density to very low settings, like 0.001 or 2

This image is rendered at scale so 'cut-out' mountains are a mile high, scene is vast, shader is a 100% rough water material.

By Frankwoll
Hello Eric, Thanks for the peak at your mountain test - may I ask what the reference to the 100% rough water material shader is for?

Is that placed in one of the atmosphere slots? I'd love to see how that scene was put together if you have a chance.

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By eric nixon
The material is assigned to the volumetric tag and is mostly refracting light using nd1.33.

If you have a cloudy scene roughness 0 works very well, but for sunlight roughness 100 works best in my experience.

Adding some reflectance to the material is ok, but too much makes it behave more like smoke rather than water vapour.

I can only guess at how it works, (no proper documentation is available that I'm aware of :( ) I think its like your texturing points in space rather than a surface, maybe maxwell samples small spheres rather than points, but I doubt that. I just imagine a single ray refraction+reflection occurs at sampled points, and maybe it also calculates one ray, refracted at an angle that a sphere would have given, had the ray refracted twice (as it exits the sphere).
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!