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By rusteberg
new project i'll be working on in spare time.... we'll see where it goes...


started on base hull.... still needs lots of tweaks...

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By rusteberg
i had most of the ribbing modeled out, and then silo crashed unexpectedly :(
so i started on some details

side hatch opening
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By macray
wow. meticulously detailed... but you need to look out that the nails are straight, when hammered in. :)
By rusteberg
thanks macray, i'm using the blunt bottom of coffee mug to hammer with....
some more detail. will model out a flat portion of hull planking, then render for displacement and texture.

By rusteberg
thanks guys. hehe, butterbean......
i started over on the hull of the ship several times already. i think it's good enough to start working off of. the pink lines were for reference when i was cutting away at mesh for future openings.


also worked on a few ship deck details when i got tired of working on hull mesh


btw, all of this has been modeled while my computer has been furiously rendering in the background on all cores..... not something i could do with any other render engine...
By rusteberg
some test renders...


lowered the bump a tad...


about as close as i can get with camera for wood siding map
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By rusteberg
thanks amigos!
here is the working mermaid as "figure head". need to fix uv's on tail... i'll stick her butt to the front of the vessel :)


i'm thinking band aids instead of shells...
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