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By KurtS
that one has been around for a while - but it's a nice scene.

here is the newest challenge from Jeremy Birn at CGtalk:

Lighting Challenge #14: The Local Train

edit: This scene was modeled by Alvaro Luna Bautista
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By yanada
:D Cool

That's perfect for a Modo 302 vs Maxwell Physical Sky render quality....

New Mac Pro 8-core coming soon in da house (cannot wait to put it in to test)
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By KurtS
I still think it would be a nice thing for the Maxwell Render community if Next Limit now and then organized some (simple) render challenges. Something similar to the MXM-contests.

I don't know if anyone from the NL team ever reads this thread, but it would be nice to know if there are any such plans for the future.
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By NicoR44
Btw, that train scene is really great! :)

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By NicoR44
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By -Adrian
The second shot is particularly great, the wide lens adds a lot.
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By def4d
By kami
it has only been one year since the last contest ... don't be so impatient!
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