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By Pietro Spampatti
The first Maxwell Render Contest, held by Maxwell Render dot it in coop with Next Limit has, as main goal, an highly detailed interior scene with at least five furniture objects (starting from a real picture).
The choice of scene and reference is freely left to participants: the main judging parameters will be the photo matching, the scene complexity and the number of present objects.


1) Scene image (800x600 pixel jpg format) + Original Maxwell Render image (800x600 pixel jpg) + Optional Render image with postproduction (800x600 pixel jpg)
2) .MXS scene
3) Multilight render
4) All of scene materials in .mxm format (included texture and .IOR files)
5) Authorization for using the scene as advertising (for brochures, free scenes download, etc.)

Optional material (appreciated by jury):

1) Multilight movie (sound if present) in PAL format

October 31st 2006

Winners announcement:
November 15th 2006


First prize: 1 iPod nano 1 Gb + Maxwell Package + Maxwell Shirt and Cap
Second prize: 1 iPod shuffle 512 Mb + Maxwell Package + Maxwell Shirt and Cap
Third prize: Maxwell Package + Maxwell Shirt and Cap
4-10 prize: Maxwell Cap

Image Autorization

04-09-2006 CHANGE OF RULES
from this moment this point is eliminated:
All of scene materials must be uploaded in the mxm gallery, otherwise you’ll be excluded from contest.
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By jdp
sorry tora, but there's a little tiny writing in the original announcement stating that no tora_2097 submissions of any kind is allowed... :lol: :lol:
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By Pietro Spampatti
Hi Mihai, if you want to to add glare to the image there is no problem: you can post one with glare and one with multilight :)

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By Pietro Spampatti
Tora_2097 wrote:I see. The theme kinda feels comfortable to me ....hehe... :)
Who is in the jury?
The jury component will be a mix of 10 sponsor people.

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By Mihai
Maybe a temp forum section could be dedicated for it, but will many people show wips and so on? Perhaps the wip forum is good enough, one could write [challenge] when posting a wip about this competition.
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By Tora_2097
I wonder if I have enough time for that one. I'll be moving to Berlin next month plus a new job. Will keep me busy for quite a while. :(

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By Thomas An.
I suggest the scene should also include elements (such as glossy chairs, tables, or other objects) under direct light that produce reflective caustics.
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By Pietro Spampatti
Tora_2097 wrote:Will there be a dedicated competition page for that? If it is all well organized I'd like to join. Does it start immediately?
Hi Tora
the competition start immediately and in the next day there will be a dedicated competition page on only the time to translate it in english...

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By ivox3
Take the damn Nano Tora , ......I'm shooting for the hat ....... :lol:

Seriously though ...... I hope to see some earnest efforts with this. Unless I'm mistaken, appears to be our first 'official' challenge w/prizes.

No offence Max ..... :) ;)
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By ivox3
6) All of scene materials must be uploaded in the mxm gallery, otherwise you’ll be excluded from contest.
Pietro, .....are all the materials used to be original mxm's? ...can existing ones from the mxm site be used?
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