By Guns_888
Hi all,

I have a simple architectural context model (basic massing blocks/roads etc...) which was originally an AutoCAD drawing imported into MAX. When I export this model to mxs I get a resulting filesize of approximately 1GB from a MAX file size of 5mb.

If I take the same original AutoCAD drawing and import to another application such as sketch-up and then export to MXS from there the resulting MXS is just over 5mb.

I am at a loss as to why the 3D Studio export amounts to almost 1GB of data, rendering the file unusable once in Maxwell Studio. (the same happens if I simply try to render from 3D Studio since it exports the scene before it renders it in maxwell).

Many thanks/
By Bogdan Coroi
Could you share the scene (or a part of it) so we can debug the problem? Thanks.
By Guns_888

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately I cannot upload the model at this time since we are at competition stage of a project.

I managed a temporary workaround by exporting the model from Microstation directly to MXS. Works absolutely fine.

If I get time once the competition is over I'll investigate more what was wrong with the 3D Studio method.

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By Bubbaloo
In Autocad, what is your facetres setting? This setting controls the amount of segments in a curve. There are also some other similar controls which might be the culprit. Depending on what AutoCAD you are using and what kind of object modelling you are doing. (Mass elements/smart aec objects or 3d solids)
By tmu

I got the same problem
start rendering in max 2009, exports to maxwell render 1.7.1 32 and if I'm trying to save a mxi te file is 1.5 gb

now this is no cathastrophy, yet
I'm just learning right now the combo max/maxwell

but in the future...

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By Mihai
tmu, the MXI file size depends on rendering resolution and if you use Multi Light or not, so it's not the same as the MXS (scene file) which holds the geometry. If you render at high resolution the MXI will be big not matter how simple the scene geometry is.
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