By Bogdan Coroi
It's not that problem. He has Max 2009 Design installed and that's not supported when using the sky preview.

BTW: We haven't found yet a solution to your problem.
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By Bubbaloo
Has anyone tried to uninstall Max Design 2009 and install Max 2009? I did, and it says Max 2009 in the top bar when I run it, but it is not. It's still Max Design. Looks like even after I uninstall Max Design, it leaves stuff behind..
By Bogdan Coroi
If it's Max2009 Design acting as Max 2009, do you get this splash screen at startup and this title bar after loading?


You have different DVDs, right?
Did you try a registry cleaup?
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By Bubbaloo
It's wierd, I get the plain Max 2009 splash with the Max logo and the title bar reads Max 2009, but the lighting analysis menu item is still present and no DX rollout in materials.
I am hesitant to do anything in my registry because I am running other Autodesk products also. I have heard it is easy to screw up your other Autodesk programs messing with the registry. If you have any registry cleaning tips, I'll be grateful!
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By sensor
The Sky Preview option works in the 3ds Max Design 2009 - SP1 - Vista x64.

I have no problems at all using it.

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