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By subspark
well my scenes are in centimeters. Theres 100 cm in a meter so my scene scale should be set to 100.0 rather that 1.0 right?
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By misterasset
subspark wrote:well my scenes are in centimeters. Theres 100 cm in a meter so my scene scale should be set to 100.0 rather that 1.0 right?
Nope, that's not how it works anymore. The plug-in pulls the scene scale from your Units Setup dialog box. So if your scene is modeled to scale inside Max then it should render out correctly. That is if your Scene Scale is still set to 1.

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By dzowada
An MXS Import (we already have export) would be VERY helpfull.

By daedalus
I wish for a compass that works!

The north should be where we want it to be,

By fpomales
maxwell should support procedural maps, it will help in creating diferent compositions of material tones and color variance (like real marble tiles) witout having to to go through the proces of material baking which has limitations in terms of quality.
By sandykoufax
I hope we can save/load physical sky setting. (location, date, time....)

When I test sun position, sometimes I feel that the previous setting is better.
In case, if I can load that settings, it'll be very convenient. :D
By ishook
When I export from max, It seems to only carry the first map channel to projector 0 in Maxwell studio. All other channels are forgotton. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a wish list item?
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By x_site
any chance of NOT including the ridiculous location list in it's current format?
First of all i need to navigate through dozens of north american cities and villages... then you have some countries with just a couple of cities?!!!!
Just provide us with a map and the chance to input coordinates....
Any list should be alphabetical ... i was forced to change mine because it kept irritate me.... dough
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By def4d
-Blow up? (really need it, for Rhino too)
-Automatic GMT?
-Rotate Physical Sky?
-Don't like the appearing window when refreshing preview (would be nice if it remember its previous position to hide it in a corner, or if it doesn't close so we can put it where we want)

In fact all the Studio stuffs we don't have here
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By trofaster
Not sure, but isn't "render region" the same as blow-up?
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By def4d
ok we have it, didn't see all the new stuffs here, so for me it's a very good point
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By simmsimaging
It would be great if the Asset Tracking function of Max would pick up *all* the maps etc used in Maxwell materials (I'm not sure why some do and some don't, but emitter maps like .mxi's for sure don't show up).

Anyway, it would make setting new paths much easier.

Also, the "collect for output" script would work then too I think - which would also be handy.

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