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By rivoli
that's great, i found the gap100.ior i was looking for yesterday. it's gallium phosphide, cool.
thanks for the link maximus.
By neil hayes
Maximus3D wrote:Hehe Hervé :) you're very welcome!

Btw, i found a even bigger database of similar files. Biggest one released for public access :D it has 278 materials in it, yayy!
/ Max
Thanks for sharing Maximus, it will be interesting to see if these match the files NL included with the RC.

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By max3d
A quick look at some of the files seem to indicate that the have identical values as in the Maxwell setup.
I didn't see missing lines as Maximus reported.

Looks like we just have to install that windows help file and we have our documentation done.

Next project building a house out of Barium fluoride :)
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By Maximus3D
Anytime friends :) if this info is useful then i'm happy hehe

max3d, sorry i mistook myself on the missing data (rough day here..) but you were right Max :) thanks for pointing it out.

It sure saves a bundle of time, as long as it won't cause us legal trouble we make use of their good descriptive helpfile (hope it won't!) :) then all is good.

/ Max
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By Julian
good find Maximus - thanks
By Maya69
sorry, but i studid

how use nk format with studio
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By rivoli
you don't have to. in the directory max posted there's a file called nkhelp.hlp, in this file are listed all the materials that you find there, which happens to correspond to the .ior files we can find in our \complex iors\ folder. using that help file as reference you can easly track down any complex ior by its abbreviation, or just look for a material (say gold, cobalt, copper...) and then find out to which abbreviation corresponds.
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By Hervé
again..... why making it simple when you can do it the hard way.... 8)
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By rivoli
oh well, i guess nl will provide us with a reference list eventually, but this works just fine in the meanwhile. also i guess we will know all the .ior files we use the most by heart once we get used to the new mat editor.
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By rivoli
hey, thanks hrothgar, really helpful.
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By Thomas An.
:shock: Nice :shock:
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By max3d
Mihai Iliuta wrote:Cool cause the one in Maxwell only has 275 :P I wonder what the missing 3 are.......
Well actually there are 9 materials in Maxwell which are not on the Swedish site and 6 which are not in Maxwell.

I will post them later this evening, because maybe these six extra materials are usefull. Didn't have a look at the content yet; it's just the result of some clever regular expressions and some painfull manual labour :)

hrothgar: really great job! Why do delete some of the materials?



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