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By tom
Dear customers,

The Maxwell Render forum is open to everyone. Only those forum users registered in the VIP Usergroup can make new posts. Non-VIP users are still able to surf the forum, but they cannot make new posts and there are certain sections that they cannot see.

To join the VIP group you need to:

• be a Maxwell Render license holder
• go to the top right-hand corner of the forum and click "usergroups"
• select "VIPS" and subscribe
• make sure that your forum email is the same as the email you used when you purchased Maxwell Render
• wait for confirmation

If you are experiencing problems registering as a VIP, then please send an email via providing your forum username and email address. Alternatively, you can write to . Don’t forget to provide the exact forum username.

I hope these will help. For any other questions about becoming a VIP, please send an email to me (instead of PM). Thank you!

Best regards,
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