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It has been a while since I rendered anything...

Anyway, I had to do an interior rendering so I installed maxwell render 1.7.0 (couldn't find in my HDD the 1.7.1 path) and hit render. This morning when I checked the rendering, it still needed a long way to go :shock: so I figure, I better get my other core i7 going!!!

Here is the question: The current rendering it's not saving the MXI. If, I stop the rendering, save the MXI, then setup the network render (with two computer)... Could I re-continue from where I left off??

I'm asking this, because if I remember right: earlier versions of maxwell will not re-continue a rendering if the MXI was saved manually after the render started. And I think that limitation was changed after (hopefully before 1.7.0)

I don't want to stop the rendering and lose 10-12 hours of rendering time

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!