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By Steve Jepson
In shaded mode I can see whats in the viewport just fine. In textured or textured decal it's all dark. How do I see what the textures look like on the model? How do I check it for scale?
When I render it, I just see a color for the brick.

By null at 2010-11-02
Thanks for the tip. I have upgraded to version 2 and it works very very well with ArchiCAD 14. Adding as much of the materials as possible in ArchiCAD helps a lot for beginners like me.
How to apply the materials properly in Maxwell is still hard for me.

I did a render yesterday that looked very good after about 30 min. So I decided to resume the render for another 3 hrs. The result was worse! I am not getting something right.
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By Steve Jepson
#332678 ... 97&t=35464

I am able to see the preview better now. I think it was probably the sky setting ? I upgraded to version two since then.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!